CBD-Infused Massage

We are thrilled to now offer CBD-Infused Massages.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of the cannabis plant. It is exceedingly safe and non-addictive. To be classified as CBD, it must not have more than 0.3% of THC in it’s formula; meaning you cannot get high from it. This is a huge benefit for those that use Cannabis medicinally but do not want the effects of THC.

CBD works with our endocannabinoid system which maintains homeostasis in the body. By stimulating this system, CBD promotes homeostasis, reduces pain sensation, decreases inflammation, and much more.

Benefits from a CBD-Infused Massage

  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Reducing or eliminating seizures
  • Reducing muscle spasms
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Relaxes your muscles

Are you Ready to Elevate your Massage Experience?

We are offering two new services with CBD, you may upgrade your massage session to include a spot treatment or a full body infused massage. If you’re on a budget, the spot treatment is a sublime option to still experience the natural effects of CBD. With this upgrade, we will use CBD oil on your specific areas of pain and tension. For the full experience or as many consider the royal treatment for your body, we suggest our full body infused massage option. Rates are listed below!

Spot Treatment……$5

Full Body……$20

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