Services and Rates

Thank you for your interest in our healing services. We provide mobile services in which we will set up a spa in the comfort of your home. One of the greatest benefits of choosing a mobile service is that you will be able to stay relaxed after a session.

Integrated Massage Therapy

This massage will be customized based on your needs. We integrate Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports massage techniques.

Integrated Massage$75/ 60 minutes
Integrated Massage$90/ 75 minutes
Integrated Massage$100/ 90 minutes

Upgrade to an CBD-Infused Massage

Spot Treatment……$5

Full Body……$20

Effectively reduces inflammation, muscular tension, and pain.

Couples Massage

Mobile Service

Allow us to set up a personal spa in your home or vacation rental. Book a session to elevate you and yours mountain getaway experience.

Couples Massage$225/ 90 minutes

What to expect from a couple’s session:

 Integrated massage, aromatherapy, heated tables, herbal tea, hot towels

Additional Healing Services

Foot Reflexology

A massage for the whole body through corresponding points on the feet

40 min session….$50

Thai Massage

This massage employs stretching, compression, and rocking techniques to relieve tension and enhance range of motion

60 min session….$65

Facilitated Stretching

Reach new limits using the PNF technique. Safely improves muscle function and flexibility  

60 min full body stretch….$65

Add on’s to any Session

Ear Candling

Aides in the removal of ear wax and congestion from colds.

25 min….$25

Auricular Therapy

Using ear seeds to stimulate acupressure points of the ear, this modality targets any illness of the body

20 min….$20

Hand & Foot Scrub with hot towel wrap

20 min….$20

Foot Scrub with hot towel wrap

15 min….$15

Castor Oil Pack

Abdominal Massage; promotes healthy Digestion

10 min….$10          

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